Do you know and understand YOUR market?

  • What is Your Current Market?

    Sometimes its difficult to understand why people are not coming into your restaurant or why you are attracting a certain clientele.

  • What is Your Target Market?

    Perhaps you do not know what you want to make or do; perhaps you have a tough time focusing on one great idea.

  • How to Determine Potential Market?

    Sometimes its tricky to understand how your certain aspects like your food, location, or your prices may limit your potential.

  • How do You Align Goal and Reality?

    Understanding the differences between actual, available, and the ideal is a struggle for most restaurant owners; it is often a task that is seldom overlooked.

  • When to Realign Target?

    Sometimes it may feel tedious to have to continue redefining your target market, and sometimes it does not pay off.  But, we may be able to help you get it right!

Remember the Four P’s?

  • Product

    Do you have a clearly defined product?

  • Price

    Are your priced correctly for your market?

  • Place

    What is your place in the industry?

  • Promotion

    How do people hear about you?

There are thousands of ways to market your restaurant, but do you know the most important steps to do first?

Understand Current Market

Need to understand who is coming into your restaurant and why.

Define Potential Market

Need to determine what market is available.

Define Target Market

You need to know who do you want to market to.

Identify How to Align Goals and Reality

Once the real market, the available market, and the ideal market is identified, then we take the steps needed to make your ideal reality.

Realign Target (if Needed)

Sometimes you may have to redefine your target market if it does not exist or there are barriers.