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Shark Shack
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Aaron has helped me on many of occasions ranging from creating customized reports that were needed within one day, to having him come by and fix my POS system after the power went out.  With his customized reporting, I was able to run reports to track trending, to target my top customers, and to get a better feel of my restaurant.  No longer did I have to look at those long spooled sheets of papers to get my analysis.  I simply visited my customized site and it’s there!

Hans KochOwnerDoormet

I met Aaron several years ago when I was approached by his team after he came to my restaurant. At first I was a little hesitant about providing him access to my data, but after getting to know him and the company, I signed on board. With the cutbacks of staff, it is nice to see all my reports in one place and I have taken some steps to adjust my menus based on the availability of certain items. I have also been able to identify my top customers and what they historically order and the other day, I surprised one of them with their favorite appetizer on the house. I would never have known that they were one of my top customers or what they liked if it were not for restaurantStats.

Saed WadiOwnerSaffron

Even after our agreement period, Aaron has continued to be my friend and helps me with generic ideas about the restaurant.  Whenever he is in town, we make every effort to get together to talk shop and to discuss ideas about the business.

Saed WadiOwnerEatWSK

I have known Aaron for many years.  He came in to my restaurant and helped me reduce my menu and even taught me a few ways to prepare items including fish tacos.   I am a chef that has been doing this for 50 years, and at first it was tough to take any suggestion, but when customers were raving about how great the tacos were – I was impressed.  Aaron also showed the staff how to properly treat guests and he even helped me pick out and install a POS system!

Tom ChristensenOwnerShark Shack